Time Billing & Invoicing


Keep your time tracked with UNItekTIME Time & Expense Tracking software!

Invoicing And Time Billing


You can directly generate invoices for your customers through UNItekTIME’s Time billing feature of Time Tracking Software. The time billing feature accumulates time and expense data that has been applied towards a certain project to bill its customers.

Note: Once a single time data entry or expense data has been billed it will not be fetched again.


Record Keeping


The bill is built upon concrete time data to portray allocated time on projects which is great for record keeping purposes and is also an indicator of efficiency of employees. The invoices made for customers are highly accurate as they are the result of time and expense data recorded by UNItekTIME itself; it also allows you to apply additional charges that are exclusive of time and expense like taxes. You can apply taxes based upon your regional policies or either input the tax rate manually. The billing rates can be input manually as well according to your own pricing strategy, this convenient feature allows you to generate invoices on the default company rates without going through the same calculation and input procedure again and again.


Keeping Track Of Your Time And Expense Data


UNItekTIME lines up time and expense data that has been billed and that are still pending and needs to be billed to clients, this helps in keeping track of expense tracking like the payments received against projects and the ones that are to be received from the existing clients. The invoices are made on custom basis, your logo can be shown on the invoice and you can also define a footer that will appear on your invoices.


Invoicing And Time Billing Features


Billing Rate Setup


You can put in custom billing rates to calculate invoice amount for customers.

Real Time Analysis


Analytics and reports portraying time/expense already billed and time/expense that is still pending and needs to be billed.

Replace this text with information about you and your business or add information that will be useful for your customers.

Logo And Footers


Displays defined logos and footers on the invoices.

Customized Reports


You can make detailed and summarized custom online timesheet reports and also customize the older ones.

Multi Currency


The data can be input in multiple currencies for your ease and convenience, the billing will be done in the currency chosen by you and the rates of the currency can be associated by simply entering a dated criterion.



Assigns a certain status that that indicates if a client has already been billed or is to be billed for services in the future.