UNItekTIME time-tracking DCAA Compliance



For Government Contractors DCAA compliance is a must and DCAA Audits are a reality. DCAA compliance is just a part of doing business with the Federal Government Agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD). UNItekTIME’s QuickBooks Timesheet Solution provides the necessary help in documenting all DCAA requirements – in real time!



DCAA RequirementNItekTIME TimeSheet Solution

  • Monitor the overall integrity of the labor/timekeeping system
    • Login and password security
    • Changes to the UNItekTIME are captured by the software’s audit log that is viewable by the employee, supervisor and each system admin.
    • The system allows for a correction timesheet to be created, after the original timesheet has been submitted through the timesheet software.
  • Assure employee awareness training about the importance of proper time charging
    • UNItekTIME provides live online video training, quick start materials and online help for managers and users
  • Effective authorization/approvals to accumulate and record labor costs to objectives
    • Multi-level approval routing process
    • Automated approval workflow & email notifications
    • Approved transactions are locked down to protect data integrity. The transaction can only be re-opened by the system’s Administrator or a manager who has been designated that particular permission.
    • Validation rules in the UNItekTIME ensure that labor rules are followed
    • Configurable reports to track changes and approvals
  • Distribute labor to assure the proper recording of labor costs to objectives
    • Time tracking by project, account, and task through a defined overall budget
    • Employees can only charge time for the projects, accounts and tasks to which they have been assigned
    • Proper labor distribution is ensured by various levels of time tracking
    • Account for labor costs to ensure that labor charges to the government are in compliance with Cost Accounting Standards and contract terms/clauses
  • Account for labor costs to ensure that labor charges to the government are in compliance with Cost Accounting Standards and contract terms/clauses
    • Defined rates to employees, accounts, and projects
    • Only administrators and project manager can override specific rates
    • All changes are captured in the audit trails
  • Reasonably assure that labor transfers and adjustments are documented and approved
    • Reports to accurately reconcile various entries and charges
    • Entries are tracked throughout the lifetime of the system, all backed by an audit trail
  • Job Costing and Billing
    • Cost projects using any work breakdown structure. Extensive cost/billing rules allow you to assign applicable cost rates to any project, job or task.
    • Use multiple billing rate options by employee, customer, project or task.
  • Automated Request Handling
    • Time off and other requests require approvals and scheduling. And you want an audit trail for everything.
  • Entering timesheet for absent employees and who are travelling
    • An audit is maintained of who created the online timesheet and who entered each line of the timesheet so a supervisor can not enter a timesheet on behalf of an employee without this being recorded.
    • UNItekTIME includes functionality for supervisors to enter timesheet on behalf of their employees
    • If an employee is absent for a prolonged period such as during travel, a supervisor or administrator can create timesheet on behalf of the employee if required
    • Record both paid and unpaid hoursTime Entry can be record for both paid and unpaid hours
  • Sufficiently detailed work descriptionsProjects/tasks descriptions, comment field available for each timesheet cell.