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Keep your time tracked with UNItekTIME Time & Expense Tracking software and Timesheet Software!

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Easily implement your own policies of Employee Timesheet by UNItekTIME according to your Human Resources department. Easily determine when to start the week start day and weekdays, lock the previous and next periods, and determine the number of hours to be worked every day and hours per period.


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Employee Timesheet software helps managers to monitor operation easily and also efficiently monitor the achievements of their workforce. Employee time tracking software is handy for keeping a check and balance on employees. The Track My Time feature also assists in determining the productivity pattern of their employees throughout the day and can identify when and where the supervisors can get the opportunity to motivate their workforce to achieve the required performance.


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Businesses no matter how big or small understand how important it is to keep the motivation level of their workforce high; therefore all they want is an efficient way of managing their human capital. In today’s time it is important for businesses to identify problems and move on effective solutions. Therefore UNItekTIME solves the major concern for businesses when it comes to human capital management and gives companies the chance to identify problems immediately; it also tracks what the employee is achieving around the clock at work and why someone is not utilizing the time to their full potential.


Employee Timesheet


You can manage time, expense and time off of your employees

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You can customize your timesheets according to your preference be it weekly, daily, monthly, bi-monthly, semi-monthly etc with hourly rates